About Me

DR. Rishabh Mathur

10+ Years of Experience

DNB Cardiology | Coronary Interventions | Cardiac Interventions

Hello, I’m Dr Rishabh Mathur, a Senior Consultant in Cardiology at Metro Mas Heart Care Multispeciality Hospital, since January 2016.

I have completed my DNB Cardiology from Escorts Heart Institute Research Center, and with it, I also have 9 years of working experience. In that tenure, I have explored various fields of cardiology including Angina Pectoris, Angioplasty Stenting, Coronary Stenting, and Arrhythmia treatment.

Helping people by employing my skills and experience, always gives me a sense of completion. If you think I can help you, please feel free to contact me using the following details.



Mob- +91 7727869005